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Absolute Accuracy.

Elevated Technologies was founded with one simple principle in mind - Utilize modern manufacturing technologies, and breakthrough approaches in 3D design to create products that will revolutionize the firearms industry. Elevated Tech was founded by by 5 individuals who all felt like there were avenues in the firearms industry that haven’t been explored…yet. Our goal is to create simple to use, yet cutting edge hardware, that enhance shooters abilities. One of the founders of our company kept running into a fundamental problem with sighting systems currently available for modern sporting rifles. How do you find the right mount that gives you the ability to co-witness your red dot optic with your iron sights? Well, after being fed up with buying different mounts, optics, and iron sights to get the combination right, he thought to himself why not just make a mount that gives you the ability to use any optic with any iron sights to give the shooter the ability to co-witness their optic with their sights. That answer to his question sparked the idea that led to a simple invention that will change the way shooters aim down their rifle for years to come.